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Strumentazione del 3DLAB
Rizzoli Custom Made 3DLAB is inaugurated
Thanks to the Rizzoli Foundation is now available a super technological laboratory for the design and 3D printing of customized prostheses
Foto con paziente intervento tumore primitivo Bagheria
Thirteen year old girl from Palermo operated on her back at Rizzoli in Bagheria
Primary bone cancer removed. The surgery was performed in collaboration with the Palermo Civic Hospital
La D.ssa Rizzo e la D.ssa Gaziano, fisiatre del Dipartimento Rizzoli-Sicilia
Physiatric clinic specialised in childhood motor disabilities has started
Specialist visits on orthopaedic pathologies are available every Monday
Un momento della firma dell'accordo
The collaboration between University of Catania and Rizzoli has started
Research activities about biomaterials, medical devices, preclinical models and in-silico medicine will be made
La Dr.ssa Milena Fini, nuova direttrice del Rizzoli
Milena Fini Scientific Director
Former director of a Rizzoli research laboratory, she will take office on 1 July
Il Dipartimento Rizzoli-Sicilia di Bagheria (PA)
Rizzoli-Sicilia Department
Renewed for ten years the agreement between the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Sicilian Region for the Rizzoli-Sicilia Department
Rizzoli-coordinated study reveals links between COVID-19 and fibromyalgia
Freezing the tumour with cryotherapy
At the Rizzoli Institute the first 6 patients suffering from desmoid fibromatosis were treated with this technique
Photo of Alessandro Gasbarrini, director of Oncological and Degenerative Spinal
Spine surgery
Girl operated on at the Rizzoli Institute for a severe spinal deformity
Entrance to the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute
Italian Sarcoma Group. Many Rizzoli professionals in the new Steering Committee, the vice-president is Toni Ibrahim MD
Photo of 3D-printed titanium sternum prosthesis
Girl with 3D-printed titanium sternum implant becomes a mum
Photo of Gina Lisignoli, Biologist
Regenerative medicine: a double-layer hydrogel created thanks to a scientific collaboration between Rizzoli and Sant'Anna
Back on his bike
Back on his bike: 3D shoulder reconstruction at the Rizzoli Institute
Vertebral reconstruction with 3D printed titanium prosthesis for a patient at risk of paralysis at the Rizzoli-Sicilia Department
Intervention planning image
16-year-old boy with severe elbow deformity operated at the Rizzoli. After almost 10 years the return to a normal life