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The collaboration between University of Catania and Rizzoli has started

Research activities about biomaterials, medical devices, preclinical models and in-silico medicine will be made

November 4th, 2022

The University of Catania and the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute of Bologna are together to develop in synergy research activities about biomaterials, medical devices, preclinical models and in-silico medicine fields.

This is the result of the agreement signed this morning at the Central Palace of University of Catania.

The agreement is signed by Anselmo Campagna, General Director of Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute and Professor Francesco Priolo, rector of University of Catania, in the presence of Dr. Milena Fini, Director of Scientific Researches of Rizzoli and two other scientific managers, Professor Nicola Baldini, the director of Rizzoli-RIT (Research, Innovation & Technology) and professor Giovanni Marletta, University of Catania - department of Chemical Science.

Un momento della firma alla presenza dei rappresentanti delle due istituzioni
The signment of the agree with the representatives of both institutions.

The two institutions will develop and coordinate a combined Programme of Research and Development, with the duration of three years as part of the deal.

The Programme is based on three executive projects that will promote the admission of researchers and students, and also the realization of research and development activities.
Specifically, the Programme will be based on the first three projects: “Biomaterials and Biointerfaces”, “Plants and Biosensors” e “In-silico Medicine”

Already ultimate that include the development and characterization of new materials for biomedical applications with a focus on green materials from recycling sources for regenerative medicine/tissue-engineering. The projects also will create patterns for pharmacological assays.
It is planned also the development of smart medical devices for orthopaedic applications, the study of the interaction between biomaterial and human tissues to vary environmental conditions and also for drug screening applications.

Furthermore, the development of physiology and human pathology’s computerized models to support clinical decision (Digital Twin in Healthcare) and in order to develop and assess medical products both drugs and medical devices (In Silico Trials).  Research activities will take place at the centre for Research and Innovation for Bio and BRIT Nanotechnologies of Torre Biologica “Ferdinando Latteri” at the University of Catania, in a dedicated space.

"Few days later the agreement signed with Humanitas University, the University of Catania, make another important deal together with Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, one of the most prestigious Institute of Health care and scientific research in Italy – says the rector Francesco Priolo. We are creating a network of strategic partnership in the field of health and science to provide for our professors and researchers and especially for our students, innovative collaborations and laboratories to the advancement of the research about biomaterials, medical devices, preclinical models and in-silico medicine fields. We are very proud that Rizzoli has chosen Catania as a scientific partner in Sicily, thanks to the well-known skills of our professors and researchers and the modern facilities of the University of Catania."

"This agreement with University of Catania strengthen the presence of Rizzoli in Sicily, as part of a complex and high scientific profile collaboration – says the General Director of Rizzoli Anselmo Campagna. The devotion that we dedicate to research is our distinctive feature, from the beginning and is revealed today through the numerous international projects where we are involved and the leading role that our researches have in a global scientific community.
Researches that will carry on in Catania have a great potential to develop new opportunities and respond to the health problems that today have no cure. That is our function as IRCCS – we are a research hospital and so we hope that this collaboration will permit to transfer the laboratory results to the patient


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