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Admission and daily life in the ward

Patients who are admitted to a planned hospitalization for the first time are provided with the information on how to reach their specific ward by the staff of the Hospital porter’s lodge, open 24/7.

What to do in the ward

Having reached the ward, the patient must present him/herself to the Ward Sister cabinet, for the take-in-charge of the hospitalization and to receive useful information concerning the stay in the hospital room.
The Ward Sister must receive:

  • the communication letter, previously provided by the ward, reporting the admission date, in case the hospitalization invitation was put down in writing;
  • clinical documentation, when possessed by the user (reports, laboratory exams, X-rays and so forth);
  • documentation regarding the pharmacologic therapy and the drugs taken, or possible diet followed;
  • the phone contact of a relative, or person of trust;
  • health card with fiscal code, for first-time patients to present to the Administrative Admission Office.

Whether the user prefers to keep the information about his/her hospitalization confidential, it is best to point it out during this procedure.

While talking with the Ward Sister, it is possible to require a certification of the hospitalization admission. Moreover, the Ward Sister provides the patient with a leaflet containing the most useful information for the stay and on how to access the main services.

What to bring when hospitalized

For the hospital stay, it is recommended to limit the personal belongings to the essential (spare underwear, pyjamas, dressing gown, slippers, towels, products for personal hygiene). Although the hospital accesses are guarded as much as possible, it is also recommended not to bring along jewels, especially expensive objects or huge amounts of money: the Department administration is not responsible in case of losses or thefts against the patients.