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What we treat

The clinical activity of the Rizzoli-Sicilia Department is developed in the traditional fields of clinical and research interest of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna.
In particular, the Unit of General Orthopedics deals with the following clinical problems.

Simple and complex prosthetic replacements of the lower and upper limbs:

    primary hip prosthesis (standard and minimally invasive),
    revision hip prosthesis,
    primary knee prosthesis (standard and minimally invasive),
    revision knee prosthesis,
    primary shoulder prosthesis (standard and minimally invasive),
    revision shoulder prosthesis,
    ankle prosthesis;

Simple and complex sports pathologies of the knee

    anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
    complex knee ligament reconstructions,
    knee osteotomies
    articular cartilage reconstructions and stem cells,
    meniscal sutures, replacements and transplants,
    stem cell treatments for pre-arthritic and degenerative tendon pathology;

Simple and complex shoulder pathologies:

    repair of rotator cuff injuries
    shoulder instability repair,
    treatment of complex shoulder pathologies;

Adult spine pathologies:

    vertebral disc herniation
    vertebral stenosis,
    degenerative spinal pathology;

Pathologies of the ankle and foot:

    treatment of cartilage lesions of the ankle,
    degenerative ankle pathology,
    forefoot deformities (hallux valgus, claw toe)
    complex foot deformities (flat foot);

Paediatric orthopaedic pathologies:

    Congenital clubfoot treated according to the Ponseti method
    Lower limb deformities (valgus-varism of the knees, dysmetria, congenital pseudoarthrosis)
    Paediatric hip pathologies (congenital hip dysplasia, Perthes)
    Spinal deformities and pathologies (scoliosis, hypercosis)

Trauma outcomes:

    treatment of pseudo-arthrosis and/or consolidation delays,
    corrective interventions for vicious fracture consolidations;

Osteomyelitis and periprosthetic infections;

Day surgery/day service outpatient operations:

    Knee arthroscopy (including meniscectomy),
    shoulder arthroscopy
    ankle arthroscopy,
    hip arthroscopy;
    median carpal neurolysis
    ultrasound-guided treatment of rotator cuff calcifications;

Tumour diseases of the bone or muscle.

Priority will be given to the development of accelerated pathways for post-operative recovery after prosthetic surgery (fast-track surgery).

See also the detailed presentation of the clinical activity of the Unit of General Orthopedics.